Sporty elastic bands

Many reasons have brought us this month to add in collection  several new styles of sporty elastic bands.

As sports become part of our daily lifes, so do they in new fashion trends. Therefore, items like tracksuit elastic bands are gaining special prominence in sporty and denim collections as well as in other less informal styles. 

These have already turned into a basic accessory that will be still used in future collections. They will allow you to come up with different color combinations bringing a more sober and refined look to your designs. 

Trousers with sporty lines have started to flourish as a key garment in the last shows and, for next collections, they will pop up again using more sophisticated materials with metallic, velvet and satin effects. 

This new mature approach has gained versatility, adding a dynamic flash to the outerwear and to some unexpected locations such as sleeves and cuffs.

The world’s key brands are still testing with sporty bands which help to add a urban touch to simple and sober garments. And these influences are lately appearing in a context of high fashion in which the separated combinable garments present a mix of sportiy details such as ribbons, and floral prints  within the retro trends and updated university looks . Examples of this can be seen in several women's collections such as Bershka and Topshop, or in male models from Zara.

Other traditional sport brands like Adidas are characterized by these kind of elastic tapes and are currently leading the revival of some of these classic details typical of the 90’s.

Do you want to meet this new trend? Find it out and ask for your samples!

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