With more than 20 years of experience, Janel’s Barcelona designs and supplies all kinds of accessories for the fashion, clothing and leather goods industry (buttons, brooches, trimmings, appliques, buckles, closures…).

Our objective is to give continued support to our customers throughout the creation of their collections. How? By analysing the most recent fashion shows, by adding the latest trends in the market to our catalogue and by customizing them according to our customers’ specific requirements. 

Our goal? To continue grow alongside our customers and to become their global benchmark in a sector that is constantly changing and evolving.


We are a young, dynamic and creative company made up of a multilingual team always at the forefront of fashion.

We believe in a job well done, in communication, brainstorming and, especially, in our people as our main asset.

Each one of the departments in the company (Sales, Design, Production, Logistics and Finance) get involved daily in all the projects that we happily carry out.

Our goal is clear: to contribute to the success of our customers. 


We work very closely with the world’s top fashion brands and clothing manufacturers (at present in Spain, France, Germany and Portugal).

Thanks to our network of sales agents, we give continued support to our customers by ensuring a close and efficient service at the time of showing our collections and giving support in all those needs that they might have during the design process.

We believe in a constant and open communication with each one of our partners in order to build a trusted and long-lasting relationship with them.