Lace trims
Add femininity to your collections through our new lace trims.
They are a great option to decorate an infinite number of looks, from casual designs to night dresses. 

Do you want to check our new styles?
Find out their special features in this post and ask for your samples!

In the last seasons we have confirmed that laces add some special interest on garment’s surface. We’ve verified this in some important designers’ collections as Antonio Marras, Francesco Scognamiglio or Alberta Ferretti.

It is mainly because of its luxurious appearance that it happens to be the favorite genre to enhance timeless femininity. It gives a sensual touch to lightweight fabrics like silk or quality to thicker fabrics like knitting or cotton. 

Light colors are more delicate while darker ones and black especially  offer a more refined look. 

For all these reasons we approach lace trims in a very innovative way so that they look original and new, turning the traditional lace tapes in different ornaments to give all possible garments a more romantic look inspired in lingerie. 

We have mainly focused on floral designs that express a delicacy feeling while we add dimension to the garments attenuating the feminine look.

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