The laces success
We already got used to the ancient art of laces sneaking into all kinds of garments and we can confirm that they are already essential in all closets.

 Check out why are laces so important and ask for your samples!

We made some predictions a few months ago in our blog and it has been confirmed on catwalks such as Self-Portrait. Laces have become the accessory of the most successful collections.

From full-set looks to minimal details, laces allow you to represent both the most refined bohemian and the most chic romanticism, leaving behind the idea of being an outdated accessory.

All forecasts suggest that it is currently the romantic trend that has adopted them, confirming that it will be better to incorporate laces into dark colored garments.

It will be precisely the use of dark tones that will help change the idea that it is a purely summer accessory giving winter inputs and applying all through the year no matter the season.

1911 - El éxito de los encajes

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