Logomania: the brand as the main focus
Due to the fact that biggest brands tend to show their logos through garments, we have added in our range three different trims that will help you fit your logo in your collections, no matter what the look is.

Find out this new trend in this post and ask for your samples!
Another revival from the past 80’s and 90’s burst into fashion shows: logomania or, in other words, the inclusion of logos in a very visible and massive way in all kinds of garments. 

It appeared in the 80’s and 90’s as a sign of economic power and social status. At the beginning of the 21st century this trend started to decline and showing brands was considered something vulgar. New generations have now recuperate it as sumptuous things are now seen as “cool”. Logos are now attached to brand’s emotional and aesthetic side. At the same time, monograms are also used in much more discret looks for the ones that do not love following this trend.

Logomania is now enjoying a big succes and has turned into a key trend. Every day more and more brands are showing their logos through their garment designs.

We have seen this in Marco de Vincenzo youthful fashion shows which uses the logo in a very visible way. It actually transforms it into accessories turning them into bright jewellery.
Less excessive and more elegant collections such as Longchamp and Bibhu Mohapatra are also beting on logomania adding their names on widely used laces.  
And jumping into more sporty but fancy styles, The One Milano has also added a tape that not only adds his logo but also makes the garment shine thanks to the lurex finishing. 
Logomania is everywhere. Do not stay behind and dare to use our trims that will be customized with your brand name. Ask for your samples!
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