Imitation horn buttons
We still believe that the combination between vintage and nature is unstoppable with our new range of imitation horn buttons.

¡Find them out in this post and ask for your samples!

Although we have already mentioned these trends in previous posts such as the one about snap button and retro buckles, we continue working on them since it seems that they have arrived to stay a few more seasons.

The vintage and classic styles have adapted very well to the new sporty and denim styles becoming present in all existing brands.

On the other hand, environmental awareness is nowadays a very important issue in and outside of fashion. For this reason, the garment industry has to play a decisive and honest role in the exploitation of resources, advocating sustainability as an input in present and future.

It is for these reasons that we have added imitation horn buttons into our range. Its marble finishing is the icon of retro and nature, and as shown in previous posts, they are always detached from animal abuse since they are purely vegan polyester buttons. 

We have also taken into account the most purely stylish trends within the fashion world. The result of this are looks of large proportions and solid shapes that evoke quality as in the case of our square buttons.  
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