Flowers appliques
Flowers for all styles and seasons

Flowers are introduced as essential and ornamental and they are setting the trend. We will see them blossom in dresses, skirts, sweaters, blouses, jackets and even in accessories such as bags or shoes.

A part from our all flowers items portfolio like buttons, trimmings or embroidered appliques, we have now included in our catalogue a new collection of striking  flower appliques with volume, thanks to the combination of sequins, rhinestones and beads.

This trend is crucial since it stands out for its eye-catching and joyful aesthetics, but even more for its powerful versatility between both, styles and seasons. 

To all this, it has helped the idea of not keeping floral designs only for spring-summer garments, but also for autumn and even winter, to brighten garments that in themselves are darker and  demure in winter. 

In addition, it has also been opened to different styles, even though flowers were reserved for very feminine designs, dress and festive clothing, now they are used in casual outfits like working, leisure or sport clothing. 

If in next season you want your collections be up to date, 
do not hesitate, apply flowers! 
Both, to accessories and to garments, it will be the star trend.

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