Find out the key items of this month!

In this new blog post we present you a selection of key items to help you get inspired and complete your future collections.

These will surely be the must of the following seasons and we will be ready to offer you all you need to help you wrap up your designs!
Fringes are still on scene. Now updated with new metallic materials that make them shine and stand out.
Sport styles are almost influencing all brands. Accessories like cord ends and stoppers are now used in many designs.
Customize your garments with your brand logo using the new and popular rubber labels.
Widely used in the ancient times for traditional oriental customs, duffle coat buttons made of cord are jumping into fashion shows to be used in current western collections.
The alternative to buttons and zippers to button up jackets. Find out our special closures.
Utlitarian style gaments are becoming more independent by adding belts with rings, D-rings and adjuster slides.
Be tuned and find all these items and many more in our online catalogue.

Find them out and ask for your samples!
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