Discover the process behind the creation of custom accessories with Janel's Barcelona

At Janel's Barcelona, we take pride in offering a unique experience in the design and creation of accessories for garments and leather goods. From exquisitely crafted buttons to innovative closures, our team is dedicated to bringing our clients' ideas to life with a touch of style and functionality.

1.Inspiration and initial consultation:
It all begins when a client contacts us with their development idea. Whether they are looking to add a distinctive touch to a garment or need a customized accessory for their leather goods line, our team is ready to turn their vision into reality.

2.Creative collaboration:
Our design team plays a fundamental role in this process. Working hand in hand with clients, we explore all possibilities and technical details to ensure that each piece is unique and at the forefront of current fashion trends. From material selection to pattern design and finishes, we strive to offer creative and functional solutions.

3.Engineering and development: 
Once the design is established, our engineers spring into action to ensure technical feasibility and the quality of the final product. We use cutting-edge technologies and artisan techniques to carry out the manufacturing process with precision and attention to detail.

4.Custom manufacturing:
With all details carefully planned, we dive into manufacturing the fully customized piece. Our team of expert artisans works with dedication and passion to ensure that each accessory meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

5.Fashion forward and beyond:
At Janel's Barcelona, we stay abreast of the latest trends on the runways and in fashion. We draw inspiration from the latest collections and styles to offer our clients accessories that not only follow trends but also reflect their unique style and personality.

The process of designing and creating custom accessories at Janel's Barcelona is an exciting and collaborative journey. From initial inspiration to final manufacturing, our team works tirelessly to turn ideas into reality and meet the unique needs of each client. If you are looking to bring your creative ideas to life, do not hesitate to contact us and discover what we can accomplish together!



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