Find out the key items of this month!

In this new blog post we present you a selection of key items to help you get inspired and complete your future collections.

These will surely be the must of the following seasons and we will be ready to offer you all you need to help you wrap up your designs!
Sporty tapes move from classic tracksuit ribs and hems to all kinds of garments and sewings.
Fringes turn golden to add brightness to the garment.
Less geometric and more flowery laces are now leading the scene.
Basic styles such as pearl buttons will be a must in blouses and sweaters. 
Disco style sequins are now softened to be more elegant.

Rhinestone accessories will be more refined but always present in all kind of garments.
Be tuned and find all these items and many more in our online catalogue.

Find them out and ask for your samples!
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