In this new blog post: the key articles of March. We hope you can be inspired to apply to your future collections.

- Laces are “the must” of this season. Check out our newest floral models!

- New punk styles are razing catwalks with the elegant touch of reconverted piercings:

- Our snaps models make a difference and bring quality to closure. Discover them here!

- Combine pearls with metallic studs to achieve an authentic 80’s look:

- Find out how sequins provide refined quality, brightness and color to any garment!

- Add the richness, volume and movement that bring our Bohemian style fringe:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Discover all these models and many more in our catalog, so you can complete the designs of your collections.

Find it out and, ask for your samples!

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