Find out the new key looks the month!

We show you all the key garment accessories of the season sorted by the most outstanding looks of the latest fashion shows, social networks and the most popular stores.  

They will be for sure the MUST accessories of the new coming seasons and we will be able to help you finish your collections.
Sunday clothes make the most classic garments look younger. Lace dresses are now combined with different lace and ruffle designs.
Military or functional clothing will be key coming back with a delicate and feminine aesthetic, moving away from the harsh shapes of the military style, but without forgetting functional accessories such as zipper pullers, buttons or D-rings.
Nautic becomes important. Traditional sailor colors confirm the look that combines shield buttons with other accessories such as fringes.
Classic raincoat associated with traditional tailoring is picked up again in all key collections   and refreshed through contemporary closures such as press buttons.
Appealing to elegance from the influence of sport, we get a refined, youthful look that is completed with luxury trims such as rhinestone buttons.
Rustic looks have an impact on the luxury market. Its eccentricity brings a sense of informal elegance to the collections by combining natural and industrial materials.    

Be tuned and find all these styles and many more in our online catalogue.

Find them out and ask for your samples!
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